Wed, 5 Nov 2003

I am not sure who this will go to but I would like to say that I miss Wade too.  I remember him when he was one of the most popular guys in school, both junior high and high school. He was always hip on the latest music or fashions. Every time I saw him he would always introduce me to some new or up and coming artist or group or show me what the next fashion was. In junior high he once said that he would like to be a model or an actor. Well he was able to due both. But these are not the reasons that I miss him so.
I miss him because my children, my two daughters, Marlena Rose, 17 months old, and Mia Wade, 11 weeks old, will never know him. though I have all his movies, they will never get to meet him. It is this reason that I miss him so. Not because he was a good person or a good actor or that he could dance really great. Oh believe me he could move! Man the guy could dance. I tried to be cool like him. You see, I had to try. But for Wade it came natural. Wade was cool! He would have been my kids favorite. I miss his smile. I miss his bad driving. I miss his lack of patience when driving! I miss talking to him. I miss having a corona with lemon or a bottle of good red wine with him in his kitchen. I miss him telling me about some celebrity he met or knew or what new project he was looking to do. I miss gettin' high with him. I don't miss his heigth, I was taller then him! But most of all I miss my friend. I miss my big brother. And one day I hope my children will know what a great man there uncle was and that he would have loved them so.  I would just like to say that I am very proud of Wade and I am grateful of all the people that have shown their appreciation for him. If anyone would like to send an email to my kids about my brother so that one day when my daughters are old enough, that I might share it with them, you may send it to
And to Robert Behar, thank you for everything. We love you.
I miss you Wade, and don't worry, your dog Sid is doing well.
Love always, your little brother,

Thanks for the special letter Vance.

I remeber meeting you and your family when Ulli and I wemt up to Morgan Hill as well as at the hospital. I'm posting this so that we all can remeber your brother through memories from his loved ones. This letter was especially touching and I wanted to share it with everyone.

JC Matsuura